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Large Collars: Can be adjusted to lengths 15.75″ – 26″ (measured end-to-end while unbuckled)
Small/Medium Collars: Can be adjusted to lengths 12.5″ – 17″ (measured end-to-end while unbuckled)

  • Woven polyester fabric collar
  • Large: Printed on the approximately 11.75″ x 1″ printable area
  • Small/Medium: Printed on the approximately 11.25″ x 0.75″ printable area
  • Pet collar features a 1.25″ silver D-ring for tags and leashes to clip to, and a 1.5″ black plastic side-release buckle for closure
  • For best, and most accurate sizing, measure any collars you already may own that comfortably fit your pet. Then unbuckle them and measure them end to end – this length will be your ideal collar length for your dog. Collars should fit snug around the base of the neck with enough to room to fit approximately two to three fingers through.

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