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Phish – LEGO STAGE with Over 200 Pieces Shipping Included


Phunky Threads has partnered with GratefuLegos to bring you these amazing Phish LEGOS! This stage set includes all 4 band member figures!

LEGO SETS are shipped directly from our phriends at GrateFul LEGO. Don’t worry if you email them, they will provide you with a ton of pics and instruction to help you assemble the stage. THIS COMES PARTIALLY ASSEMBLED. You will be responsible for final assembly but they will help you as necessary for nubes ;) GratefulLegos is a phamily business and they appreciate your business. You can download assemble instruction here.

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This LEGO Stage set includes all 4 band members!
200+ official LEGO pieces. These parts are sourced from all over the world!

  • This set includes:
  • 3 Amps
  • 3 Adjustable Mic Stands
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Light backdrop (customizable). This is a color laser printout attached to cardboard for stability. Legos are used to secure it. You could easily print and make your own backdrop too
  • Drumsets
  • Wook Guardrails (no roadies, groupies, wooks or security yellow jackets included)
  • Spinners (not that kind silly, the LEGO kind so your figures can turn)
  • Adjustable Spotlights (those don’t actually light up but I’ll also include two bonus finger lights that do)
  • A PA System with 2 jumbo amps and rail speakers

Coupon codes will not apply to this item. Delivery time is 1-2 weeks + shipping and will be shipped directly from GratefulLegos.